1028 Catering

Formerly Paradise Lake Events

Game Day Party / Tailgate

Game Day Menu


(Small serves 10)

(Large serves up to 30)

                                                                                       Buffalo Chicken Dip         Small $25   Large $60

                                                                                       Spicy Corn Dip                 Small $20   Large $50

                                                                                       Layered Black Bean Dip  Small $25   Large $50

                                                                                       BLT Dip                            Small $25   Large $60           

                                                                                       Chicken Verde Chili         Small $25   Large $60

                                                                                       Red Pepper Hummus      Small $15   Large $30

                                                                                       Kim's Loaded Queso       Small $35   Large $65

                                                                                       Cold Spinach Dip            Sold Per Quart

                                                                                       Spicy Pimento Cheese    Sold Per Quart

                                                                                       Homemade Salsa            Sold Per Quart


Party Trays 

(Small serves up to 10)

 (Large serves up to 30)

                                                                     Veggie Tray                                                             Small $20    Large $50 

                                                                     Assorted Cheeses                                                   Small $20    Large $45

                                                                     Seasonal Fruit Tray                                                 Small $20    Large $45

                                                                     South Western Taquitos                                          Small $25    Large $50 

                                                                     Sweet and Savory Bacon Wrapped Smokies          Small $35    Large $70

                                                                     Homemade Meatballs in Sweet BBQ Sauce           Small $35    Large $80

                                                                     Conecuh & Sweet Pepper Rings in 1028 Sauce     Small $30    Large $75  

Wrap Trays 

                                                                                               Mini Tray.........$30  (5 Wraps)

Feeds 5 hungry appetites to 10 lighter appetites

Small Trays.... $60  (10 Wraps)

 Feeds 10 hungry appetites to 20 lighter appetites

Large Trays.... $150 (25 Wraps)

 Feeds 25 hungry appetites to 50 lighter appetites

Large Tray Choose Two


Swiss, Extra Crispy Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato wrapped in a Flour Tortilla

Smoked Chicken & Grape 

Smoked Chicken & Red Grape Salad wrapped in a Wheat Tortilla

Not So Traditional Chicken Salad

Smoked Chicken Salad made with Wickle Relish and wrapped in a Flour Tortilla

 Buffalo Chicken

 Fried or Grilled Chicken tossed with Creamy Buffalo Sauce 

 with Romaine, Celery, Tomato, Crumbled Blue Cheese wrapped in a Flour Tortilla

Southwest Chicken

Grilled Chicken, Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Fresh Pico, Cheddar Cheese 

tossed in a Lime Sour Cream wrapped in a Spinach Tortilla


Smoked Turkey and Crispy Bacon with

Romaine, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Boiled Egg, Scallions wrapped in a Flour Tortilla

Greek with Hummus

Hummus, Feta, Oregano, Cucumbers & Tomatoes wrapped in a Spinach Tortilla

Greek with Chicken

Grilled Chicken, Feta, Oregano, Cucumbers, Black Olives & Tomatoes 

tossed in a Vinegar & Olive Oil mixture then wrapped in a Spinach Tortilla

Spinach & Pimento Cheese

Homemade Pimento Cheese & Baby Spinach wrapped in a Flour Tortilla

Chicken Caesar

Grilled Chicken, Romaine & Shaved Parmesan wrapped in a Wheat Tortilla

Sold Per Quart

(Serves 4-6)

Potoato Salad $7

Cole Slaw $7

Pasta Salad $7

Maple & Bacon Baked Beans $7

Smoked Chicken & Grape Salad $18

Not So Traditional Chicken Salad $18

Homemade Salsa $10

Black Bean & Corn Salsa $12

Tomato, Feta & Olive Bruchetta $12

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus $12

Spicy Pimento Cheese $12

Cold Spinach Dip $15

Sold Per Dozen

** 3 Dozen Minimum

**Chicken Fingers $18  

**Jalapeno Poppers $ 16 

(Whole Jalapenos stuffed with a blend of three Cheeses and wrapped in Bacon)  

**Hawaiian Kabobs with 1028 Sauce $18 

(Grilled Chicken & Conecuh with chunks of Fresh Pineapple, Bell Pepper, Sweet Onion and Mushroom Caps)

**Vegetable Kabobs $10

**Cheddar & Jalapeno Mini Cornbread Muffins $4

**Fire Crackers $3

**Crostini's $3

Large Bag of Tortilla's $8

Jumbo Chocolate Chip or Double Chocolate Chip Cookies $15 

Party Bags...Great for Tailgating

Each Party Bag feeds from 10 hungry appetites to 14 lighter appetites. 

10 Large Sandwiches, Chips, Wickles Pickles, Salad (your choice), Brownie Bites,

 plates, napkins, utensils, condiments, and a reusable insulated tote bag.

BBQ Party Bag………$119.99
Your choice of Pulled Pork or Smoked Chicken Your choice of Pulled Pork with Traditional BBQ Sauce or Smoked Chicken with our Signature White or Traditional BBQ Sauce

Deli Party Bag………$139.99
Your choice of  Honey Baked Ham, Smoked Turkey, Roast Beef piled high on Hoagie Rolls with lettuce and tomato or Classic Club

Lite House Party Bag………$89.99
Replace sandwiches & chips with your choice of 2 
Smoked Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Fruit Salad, Pimento Cheese, Broccoli Salad, or Garden Salad and Crackers

BBQ Trays

Rib Tray (Meat, Bread & Sauce)

Small 30 Bones (feeds 8-10)…………$64.99

Large 50 Bones (feeds 12-14)…………$119.99

Pork Tray (Meat, Bread & Sauce)

Small 3 lbs (feeds 6-8)………........…$39.99

Medium 5 lbs (feeds 10-12)…………$49.99

Large 7 lbs (feeds 14-16)………....…$69.99

BBQ Sandwich Tray (Includes Wickles Pickles)

Small 5 sandwiches…………….$29.99

Large 15 sandwiches……………$79.99

Smoked & Naked Wing Tray (Ranch & Veggies)

Small 50 wings (feeds 5-7)…………$56.99

Large 100 wings (feeds 9-12)………$119.99

Ribs & Pork Tray (Meat, Bread & Sauce)

Small 20 Bones & 2 lbs Pork (feeds 8-10)………$64.99

Large 30 Bones &  4 lbs Pork (feeds 12-14)………$116.99

BBQ by the Pound

Smoked Pulled Pork $12 

Smoked Pulled Chicken $10

Beef Brisket $16 

Prime Rib of Beef $16 

Whole Smoked Chicken $16


**Two Quart Minimum

**Brunswick Stew $15

**Hearty Beef & Bean Chili $15

** Gumbo with Rice and a Baguette $20 

**Old Fashioned Hamburger Stew $15

**Smoked Chicken Taco Soup $10

Sauce $8 per Quart


Honey Mustard



Traditional BBQ

AUBIE ~ Orange BBQ

Big AL ~ White BBQ

If you have a House Divided Choose Two 1/2 Quarts




Old Fashion Fruit Cobbler

Houmemade Pound Cake 

Bread Pudding

Caramel Pie


Banana Pudding

Triple Chocolate Pound Cake


Sweet & Unsweet Tea- $5 per gallon, Lakeside Lemonade- $8 per gallon

Let Us Cater Your Next Party or Family Gathering.
$50 per order minimum with 24 hour notice
Delivery Available
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